It is ceremony of giving apem cake as alm that hold at Jatinom, about 12 km north Klaten city. The top of the program at Friday in the middle of Sapar (one of Javanese mounts name) after Sholat Jumat (Friday praying).
More thousands visitors from Klaten city and around this make a devational visit to the grave Ki Ageng Gribig, and at the summit of this about +10 ton apem cake well be seized by the visitors at Oro-oro Tarwiyah. It is named Oro-oro Tarwiyah because one upon a time Ki Ageng Gribig brought a hand full of soil from Mecca (Mekah) and Arafah dessert to be planted at Oro-oro Tarwiyah. And then in front of the mosque and this is the park Sendang Plaweyan. PADUSAN TRADITIONAL EVENT