Rowo Jombor

Rowo Jombor Krakitan located in the village, district of dilators Bayat background by limestone mountains.

Kea ImageJarak ± 8 km southeast of the town of Klaten Red
Area 198 ha
7.5 km long dykes
Levee width 12 m
Into 4.5 m
Water Capacity 4 million m3

According to the population age-old story (not on the call date and year), there are ceremonies in Rowo Jombor getekan which coincided with a ceremony at the Spring Bulus Jimbung Cambodia and until now much visited by tourists.

Road infrastructure Jombor Rowo Tourism can be achieved:
– Klaten Bentogantungan Puslatpur Jimbung Rowo Jombor;
– Station Bundle Kotya Jimbung Rowo Jombor Klaten;
– Terminal Colt Karangwuni Pedan Cawas Bayat Rowo Jombor The road condition is good enough, unpaved until the goal.

In the neighborhood there Jombor Rowo Sightseeing:

a. Minangkabau house
This house was built in 1958 when Governor Muchtar used as a meeting place and recreation

b. Recreation Park in Bukit Sidoguro children

c. Caves and Cave Kendil Umbrella
Namely the natural caves and umbrella-shaped Kendil located on the south side of the hill Sidoguro.

d. Bulus Sendang Jimbung
This spring is located in the Village Jimbung, District Kalikotes.
Spring Size 9 m x 8 m = 72 m2
Area 1000 m2
Occupied bald named Nyi and Ki Poleng, this place used for its traditional ceremony Cambodia.