Raden Ngabehi Ronggowarsito Grave

Raden Ngabei Ronggowarsito grave located in Palar Village, Trucuk, Klaten Regency. Ronggowarsito a famous poet of the Kraton Surakarta. Ronggowarsito appointed as poet Kraton Surakarta by Pakubuwono VII on September 14, 1845.
At this time Ronggowarsito produced many literary works. He is also known as a great seer. Ronggowarsito mysteriously died on December 24, 1873. Strangely, the date of death is very present in his last work, in the “Serat Sabdajati” which he writes himself. This raises the suspicion that Ronggowarsito died from execution, so that he could know exactly when the day of his death. The writer who thinks so is Suripan Sadi Hutomo (1979) and Andjar Any (1979). Opinion was a denial of the Kraton Surakarta who argue that Ronggowarsito is excellent predictor that was not strange if he could foresee his own death day.
His grave had visited Indonesia two presidents, Sukarno and the Gus Dur at the time they served. Time of Madness (Zaman Edan) is said the term was first introduced by Ronggowarsito in the “Serat Kalatida”, which consists of 12 stanzas “Tembang Sinom”.