Jongjava Goa’s Art and the Gallery is a group of youths who Barong engaged in handicrafts, we set up after several years of searching and experimenting with a variety of unique materials such as the Roots Bamboo, Coconut and Cinnamon Wood etc. as an alternative material for handicrafts, because their […]

Bamboo Root Crafts from Klaten

An interesting event held a day before fast month a day to purify themselves before fasting thousand of peoples are cleaning themselves in order to realized their religious duty


It is ceremony of giving apem cake as alm that hold at Jatinom, about 12 km north Klaten city. The top of the program at Friday in the middle of Sapar (one of Javanese mounts name) after Sholat Jumat (Friday praying). More thousands visitors from Klaten city and around this […]


Jatilan is one of the traditional dances reflecting heroism in the war by riding kuda kepang/lumping (horse made of plait work with which men dance themselves in to a trance). This horse riding was controlled by Ki Pentul and Ki Tembem, Jatilan usually accompanied by gamelan kendang, bende and kecer. […]

Bugisan Dance

JARAK KLATEN KOTA KE LOKASI WISATA 01. Yogyakarta – Kota Klaten 25 Km 02. Solo – Kota Klaten 30 Km 03. Kota Klaten – Museum Gula 5 Km 04. Kota Klaten – Candi Plaosan 15 Km 05. Kota Klaten – Candi Prambanan 15 Km 06. Kota Klaten – Candi Sewu […]

Klaten Fast n Fact

The famous umbrella handicraft makes, located at Tanjung, Juwiring Subdistrict town about 17 Km southeast of Klaten.

Umbrella Handicraft

Located at Desa Melikan, Wedi Subdistrict, 15 km away from Klaten. Ceramics manufacturing with sideway twisting technique once done by local people in Dukuh Pagerjurang, Desa Melikan since more or less 300 years ago.

Ceramics Handicraft Melikan

Plaosan temple Keberadaan candi Plaosan dalam kerangka sejarah Mataram kuno dapat dilacak melalui prasasti-prasasti pendek yang tertulis pada candi-candi perwara dan stupa yang mengelilingi candi induk dan juga melalui prasasti prasasti yang berlatar belakang agama Budha, maupun prasasti lain yang sejaman. Prasasti-prasasti pendek candi Plaosan Lor meskipun tidak berangka tahun, […]

Other Temples

Prambanan temple is located some 17 kilometers from Yogyakarta. One can not miss the temple because it is only 100 meters off the main road. This 47 meters high Hindu temple was built by Sanjaya Dynasty in the 9 th century. It consists of three courtyard. The main temple is […]

Prambanan Temple