Ingas pennant, so enterprises, the rate increased fourfold

County government (local government) will make the object of Klaten Tourism Umbul Ingas as areas owned enterprises (enterprises). Steps were taken to increase local revenue (PAD) from tourism for the district.

To put forward such Department of Tourism Culture Youth and Sports (Disbudparpora) Klaten Regency, Setya Subagya, when being met reporters on the sidelines of busy, Saturday (27 / 2). Setya said it plans to make Umbul Ingas as a new icon Klaten district tourism.

For that, he’s dreaming of a tourist attraction that was built at a cost of Rp 14 billion was able to donate a large PAD for Klaten. “Management will Umbul Ingas done directly by the Klaten regency. That way, all the revenue from tourism will go to local government, “explained Setya.

Furthermore, Setya explain, now, the institute was planning the rate increase went Umbul Ingas. If the current USD $ 5000 then forwards incoming tourist attraction rates were increased at least fourfold, to Rp 20,000 to Rp 30,000.

According to him, the rate increase plan that was included in the draft local regulation (Raperda) which will replace Regulation No. 19/2002 concerning levies and Tourism Business License No. 20/2002 on the Object and Tourist Attractions. Raperda such, is now under review by the Board of Legal Seketariat Region (Regional Secretary) Klaten regency. “In the tariff law was written into a tourist attraction only USD 5000. We do not want to arbitrarily raise the rates so contrary to the law, “said Setya.

Furthermore, Setya added, repairs waterboom Object Object Umbl Ingas have reached the final stage. According to him, after the addition of one pole, then waterboom vibrate when it had not been tested.

However, Setya rate, travel time for a glide over the waterboom was still too fast. “Normally, it can be done waterboom about 42 seconds. However, once tested, the time is still less than 40 seconds. So, we need to add more curves to reduce speed in order not to endanger the wearer, “said Setya. – By: Moh Khodiq Duhri