Traditional Culture

In this jatilan dance exhibited by horses wearing braids / kuda lumping controlled by a mahout and monitored by Ki Ki pins and stretchy. Accompanied by gamelan in the form: Kendang, Bende and intelligence. In this Jatilan dance included elements that symbolize magical immunity from every player wearing a mask […]


It is ceremony of giving apem cake as alm that hold at Jatinom, about 12 km north Klaten city. The top of the program at Friday in the middle of Sapar (one of Javanese mounts name) after Sholat Jumat (Friday praying). More thousands visitors from Klaten city and around this […]


Jatilan is one of the traditional dances reflecting heroism in the war by riding kuda kepang/lumping (horse made of plait work with which men dance themselves in to a trance). This horse riding was controlled by Ki Pentul and Ki Tembem, Jatilan usually accompanied by gamelan kendang, bende and kecer. […]

Bugisan Dance