BUILDING DUTCH Gondang WINANGOEN Heritage Heritage

2 years I have walked Title – Klaten and passed through this building, but just this once take the time and menjejakan tuk feet around the building. Pride is a great pleasure for me because not only Jogja and Solo are the heritage of ancient buildings have but Klaten occupiers will also have inherited the Dutch East Indies Heritage Building which was founded in 1921 under the name Gondang Winangoen that during the Japanese occupation in museumalihkan functions as an armory. Subsequently, on 11 September 1982 Start Sugar Museum was inaugurated by Governor of Central Java, Mr Supardjo Roestam.

After filling out the guest book and pay the entrance fee, even in museums around the adventures begin. Here you can see miniature sugar mill, sugar mill until the waste products, tools – tools for cultivation agriculture, and even a number of pests penggangu preserved. There is also a miniature of administrative space complete with ancient typewriters, calculating machines, and photographs of officers who had served in these plants.

Happy trip around the museum complex also continues with round Gondang Sugar Factory. Here you can find the Dutch housing complex, Lori penggangkut sugarcane, steam locomotive, and the carcasses past the train. Here too, has been on the open Green Park, a playground for families. This play area provides a pool, flaying fox, game epithet web spiders, marine brigde and replicas of the river, you can also climb the Cretans who walks around the complex such Gondang Factory.