Boko temple

Located in the hills with an altitude of exactly 195.97 in Hamlet Sumberwatu (Village Sambirejo) and Hamlet Dawung (Bokoharjo Village) district of Prambanan. This temple has its own uniqueness when compared to other temples because there just is not sacred buildings, but here there are also building a pond and a cave

Until now Ratu Boko is still a mystery, people – one can only estimate that this is a palace. Based on the testimony of a historian Prof. Chemistry is building fortifications Rakai or more in the know Balaputradewa Rakai Pikatan youngest son who came under fire from Rakai Walaing Puhuyaboni great-grandchildren of Sanjaya because felt he was the one who is more worthy of the throne, he considers only the husband of Rakai Pikatan Pramodharwani, the Crown princess Samarottungga the Buddhist religion. But in this battle in menagkan by Rakai, Rakai Walaing displaced while in the hills of Ratu Boko and build fortifications. But ultimately these benterng gempur by Rakai and deliberately damaging the stele that contains sisilah Walaing Rakai.