Bithday giant hoe Vespa Enthusiasts Gathering

Thousands of fans of scooters, Sunday (28 / 3), tin tumplek Trikoyo Stadium in Klaten. They seemed enthusiastic about chatting with fellow scooter enthusiasts who came from all regions. Not uncommon to hear laughter from the collection of young people sitting around a parked scooter meets the stadium area.

Vespa Enthusiasts Gathering festivities are increasing rapidly with the conferment record Indonesian Record Museum (Muri) to display replica of the biggest hoe on the corner of the stadium. Unmitigated, the spade replica measuring 7 × 5 square meters with 20 meters long and weighing up to 3 tons. Is made in a marathon eight people during 10 days.

Initiators making a giant replica of a hoe, Y Joko Tirtono revealed, the idea of making a giant replica of a hoe that is inspired from the status as barns Klaten in Central Java. “Land is Gemah Ripah Klaten loh jinawi and dominated the agricultural sector. But so far there are no icons showing about it. We felt right hoe or spade to become an icon of agricultural sector. ”

Joko is also former Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Vespa (IVI) Jateng added, USD 14.5 million of funds needed to realize these hoes replica. The handle uses of coconut tree trunks or glugu while the spade plate made of wood and plywood. “The material is to spend 46 sheets of plywood, 34 pounds of nails and seven bars glugu. Manufacture and installation takes 10 days 2 days, “he said.


Going forward, it hoped to realize hoe Klaten regency real giants of metal. Joko disclosed, the pageant was once a momentum of consolidation for the management of the new Central Java with the Chairman of IVI Suparman Musda formed based on the results. According to him, vespa mania community is encouraged to carry out positive activities useful for society at large.

Meanwhile, Muri Manager, Sri Widayati were present representing the Chairman of Jaya Suprana Muri said replica replica hoe hoe was crowned as the largest archipelago and is registered as a record-to-4213 Muri. “The record is addressed to the Regent of Klaten Sunarna, Indonesian Institute of Vespa Scooters Klaten in Central Java as well as initiators Societies manufacture replica biggest hoe,” he explained.

At the event, also exhibited a number of antique scooters that are still maintained. General Chairman of the Central IVI, A Rachman said, now there are 286 clubs that are embodied in IVI scooter. The clubs are spread all over Indonesia