Beautiful Deles

Tourism Beautiful pure-bred is located at the foot of Mount Merapi slopes east of ± 25 km from the town of Klaten, pure-bred in the Village Area Sidorejom Kemalang District, with an altitude between 800 m – 1300 m above sea level.
The specific atmosphere of pure-bred has the potential landscape of the mountains. From pure-bred sights can be seen the peak of Merapi with real scenery, scenic town of Klaten is decorated with stacks gondang Sugar Company New & New Ceper company with berselendangkan Rowo Jombor with Board Mount Panorama Kapurnya is Beautiful.
ImageDari observation of existing conditions can be said that pure-bred Beautiful can be achieved:
– Klaten / Gondang Kemalang pure-bred
– Boyolali Jatinom Kemalang pure-bred

Beautiful pure-bred around it is known also some historical relics as well as special recreation areas, among others:

a. Former Pesanggrahan Sunan Paku Buwono X
According to the story in 1938 ± Sunan Paku Buwono X ascetic / meditation at the same place with the intention of pleading to God that did not penetrate the eruption of Mount Merapi easterlies and inns. This guesthouse is now called the Governor Muchtar inns.

b. Tomb of Kyai Mloyopati
As a place of pilgrimage / Nyepi who visited Kemalang and surrounding communities.

c. Spring Times Reno
Spring time Reno has colorful water color.

d. Recreation Park Ngajaran
This park is situated in an acacia forest on the west and north Pesanggrahan Pakubowono X and is also located along the road to the hill Petung, this park is perfect as a place of recreation and camping.

e. Landscape Garden Pring Cendani
Pring cendani forest thrives though less regularly, there is a path that is the way to the top of Mount Merapi. One specific potential of these hills are covered with one of the dominant vegetation of short bamboo bamboo / Pring cendani.

f. Cave sapuangin / Demon
This cave has a depth of ± 8 m and in which there are several caves under the hill Pring cendani.