Bamboo Root Crafts from Klaten

Jongjava Goa’s Art and the Gallery is a group of youths who Barong
engaged in handicrafts, we set up after several years of searching and experimenting
with a variety of unique materials such as the Roots Bamboo, Coconut and Cinnamon Wood etc.
as an alternative material for handicrafts, because their numbers are abundant.

Our handicraft products made by skilled hands and aimed at
for those who want to adorn and beautify interior and exterior space with
presenting atmosphere and natural beauty of our products. Our items consist of: a variety of different
sculptures of animals (ducks, chickens, elephants, horses, frogs, cats, giraffes, etc.), lamps, miniature furniture, sushi plates, vases, candlesticks, photo frames and much more with a variety of designs and finishes.

The raw materials we craft are: Roots Bamboo, Bamboo Wood, Teak Wood, Mahogany Wood, Wood Sengon,
Coconut Wood, Cinnamon, combined with batik, MDF, etc. terracotta.
We may also receive and make the items based on a design ordered by the customer.