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In this jatilan dance exhibited by horses wearing braids / kuda lumping controlled by a mahout and monitored by Ki Ki pins and stretchy. Accompanied by gamelan in the form: Kendang, Bende and intelligence. In this Jatilan dance included elements that symbolize magical immunity from every player wearing a mask […]


Rowo Jombor Krakitan located in the village, district of dilators Bayat background by limestone mountains. Kea ImageJarak ± 8 km southeast of the town of Klaten Red Area 198 ha 7.5 km long dykes Levee width 12 m Into 4.5 m Water Capacity 4 million m3 According to the population […]

Rowo Jombor

Tourism Beautiful pure-bred is located at the foot of Mount Merapi slopes east of ± 25 km from the town of Klaten, pure-bred in the Village Area Sidorejom Kemalang District, with an altitude between 800 m – 1300 m above sea level. The specific atmosphere of pure-bred has the potential […]

Beautiful Deles