Daily Archives: April 11, 2010

Thousands of fans of scooters, Sunday (28 / 3), tin tumplek Trikoyo Stadium in Klaten. They seemed enthusiastic about chatting with fellow scooter enthusiasts who came from all regions. Not uncommon to hear laughter from the collection of young people sitting around a parked scooter meets the stadium area. Vespa […]

Bithday giant hoe Vespa Enthusiasts Gathering

County government (local government) will make the object of Klaten Tourism Umbul Ingas as areas owned enterprises (enterprises). Steps were taken to increase local revenue (PAD) from tourism for the district. To put forward such Department of Tourism Culture Youth and Sports (Disbudparpora) Klaten Regency, Setya Subagya, when being met […]

Ingas pennant, so enterprises, the rate increased fourfold

Jongjava Goa’s Art and the Gallery is a group of youths who Barong engaged in handicrafts, we set up after several years of searching and experimenting with a variety of unique materials such as the Roots Bamboo, Coconut and Cinnamon Wood etc. as an alternative material for handicrafts, because their […]

Bamboo Root Crafts from Klaten