Many Eruptions readers have been keeping a very close eye on the events at Merapi in Indonesia – you should check out their discussion. The situation at the volcano is becoming more and more volatile (no pun intended) as the volcano shows definite signs of an impending eruption (video in […]

Merapi Eruption, October 25, 2010

In this jatilan dance exhibited by horses wearing braids / kuda lumping controlled by a mahout and monitored by Ki Ki pins and stretchy. Accompanied by gamelan in the form: Kendang, Bende and intelligence. In this Jatilan dance included elements that symbolize magical immunity from every player wearing a mask […]


Rowo Jombor Krakitan located in the village, district of dilators Bayat background by limestone mountains. Kea ImageJarak ± 8 km southeast of the town of Klaten Red Area 198 ha 7.5 km long dykes Levee width 12 m Into 4.5 m Water Capacity 4 million m3 According to the population […]

Rowo Jombor

Tourism Beautiful pure-bred is located at the foot of Mount Merapi slopes east of ± 25 km from the town of Klaten, pure-bred in the Village Area Sidorejom Kemalang District, with an altitude between 800 m – 1300 m above sea level. The specific atmosphere of pure-bred has the potential […]

Beautiful Deles

Raden Ngabei Ronggowarsito grave located in Palar Village, Trucuk, Klaten Regency. Ronggowarsito a famous poet of the Kraton Surakarta. Ronggowarsito appointed as poet Kraton Surakarta by Pakubuwono VII on September 14, 1845. At this time Ronggowarsito produced many literary works. He is also known as a great seer. Ronggowarsito mysteriously […]

Raden Ngabehi Ronggowarsito Grave

2 years I have walked Title – Klaten and passed through this building, but just this once take the time and menjejakan tuk feet around the building. Pride is a great pleasure for me because not only Jogja and Solo are the heritage of ancient buildings have but Klaten occupiers […]

BUILDING DUTCH Gondang WINANGOEN Heritage Heritage

Located in the hills with an altitude of exactly 195.97 in Hamlet Sumberwatu (Village Sambirejo) and Hamlet Dawung (Bokoharjo Village) district of Prambanan. This temple has its own uniqueness when compared to other temples because there just is not sacred buildings, but here there are also building a pond and […]

Boko temple

Thousands of fans of scooters, Sunday (28 / 3), tin tumplek Trikoyo Stadium in Klaten. They seemed enthusiastic about chatting with fellow scooter enthusiasts who came from all regions. Not uncommon to hear laughter from the collection of young people sitting around a parked scooter meets the stadium area. Vespa […]

Bithday giant hoe Vespa Enthusiasts Gathering

County government (local government) will make the object of Klaten Tourism Umbul Ingas as areas owned enterprises (enterprises). Steps were taken to increase local revenue (PAD) from tourism for the district. To put forward such Department of Tourism Culture Youth and Sports (Disbudparpora) Klaten Regency, Setya Subagya, when being met […]

Ingas pennant, so enterprises, the rate increased fourfold